SOLD FS Ibanez 70s lawsuit SG (MIJ Fujigen)

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Want a hell of a beater that plays and sounds as good as any of the Gibsons for a fraction of the price? I'm selling my MIJ Ibanez SG, it's one of those models with the Gibson/Norlin-style "open book" headstock, made in Japan neck plate, bolt-on neck, key style tuners, however everything else is suped up. It also has some sort of knock-off Bigsby but the arm is missing so it just looks bad-ass but you'd have to get it repaired if you want some trem action, I don't use it so I never bothered, tuning is dead stable.

The stars of the show are the pickups in it which are Shed pickups, you might know them as one of the finest PAFs around. Plug it into a JCM and blow your eardrums. The bridge is also a brand new Gotoh that was just cut and installed on this guitar by Gworx, who also set it up beautifully. Frets are slightly worn, it could do with a refret if you want to get it 100%, but it plays completely fine if you don't want to splash that kind of cash.

Of course a guitar this age doesn't get very far without getting beaten around, and this is far from in collector's condition. There are dings and finish cracks and all sorts of battle scars. Part of the fun really. It's truly a player's guitar and sounds fantastic with pickups that far exceed anything Gibson puts out. I'm only selling this because I have far too many guitars to give all of them proper attention, I hope this one finds its way into the hands of someone that will play the hell out of it. I'm looking to get $700 for it, which is a crazy bargain considering the pickups cost more than half that. You can't even buy the lowest end Gibson for that money! So buy the pickups, get a crazy good guitar for your spare change, I guarantee it's a better use of money than guitars twice that amount.

Pics will come in a bit, need to find some time to take them.

Absolutely no trades please. Unless you have a Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets, then yes trades. SMS/ WhatsApp at 9322641one if interested.
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