FS: 1978 Greco SV-600 Super View MIJ


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Put up here is Greco "Super View" series, OEM manufactured by Fujigen. Light weighted, slim compact body, nicely fitting in jazz, blues, rock and crossover all around. Plays from warm and mellow to tight and solid.

This guitar is 36 year-old, gracefully aged with a bit of binding wear. To address this I spent over $100 in Tokyo ESP repair shop and it looks much better now.

All original electronics and hardware (chrome), thinner 60s neck profile with low action. I played a sample tune, please check out at https://soundcloud.com/sharpenedflat/the-girl-from-ipanema

My offer: $690 + shipping fee (from Tokyo)
More details and additional photos is at http://www.sharpenedflat.com/vintage-guitar/Greco-SV-600-0151

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