Fresh Bassist on the hunt for some action!


New member
Hi I play the electric bass.

I love a wide array of genres such as but not limited to:

Fusion(Jaco pastorius etc)
Black Metal
Soft rock
Math rock
Modern contemporary jazz
Prog rock
Drum and Bass
Funk rock(basically RHCP lol)
Electronic Ambient(Aphex twin, Squarepusher, Autechre et Al.)
Post rock
Doom metal

I haven't mastered them all yet! But I'll try until I die.

Skills: I can do full compositions,writing of melodies and basslines, and some improv. I'm rather green on bass however, previously I had experience playing trombone in school concert band and drums(cos my bro is a drummer lol). But I've never really played with people except for my imaginary friend in my room, so I'm looking for gigs or something to practice playing together with other musicians to gain experience.

Current set-up:
Yamaha TRBX-304(with the default pickups), Roland cube 20XL Bass Amp.
I play fingerstyle cos that's how I first started out on bass, although I'm not against learning to use a plectrum for styles which need more aggressive attack and throatier tone.
we're looking for a black and death metal drummer, and/or a keyboardist
we're a jam and chill band playing mostly covers as a hobby instead of practising tai chi,
are you interested? :D