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Hi SOFTies!

Good day to all of you.

I'm a freelance mixing engineer looking to help bands, singers, groups and musicians mix their songs and get it out on a professional-sounding level. I'm also a producer, song-writer, arranger and composer as well.

Currently I'm based in Melbourne, Australia doing a degree in audio engineering on scholarship.

I'm currently offering mixing services to anyone who requires it; be it a band who has recorded multi-track and looking to get a demo mix out or a professional sounding mix ready for their first EP; singers and groups who'd like to get their demos mixed in and ready for youtube, myspace or any online sharing portal.

I also offer basic mastering services for mixed songs; I can't deliver what a fully-equipped mastering studio can deliver but I can definitely make your mixes sound better.

Check out some of my mixes and arrangements here:

I know how hard is it to get your music out with all the bands out there and the difference between getting spotted and losing a gigging opportunity may just be how good (or bad) your demo/EP sounds.

Just a little background on myself; I've had 2 years of working experience in the audio industry in Singapore as a broadcast and studio engineer, working mainly on radio and TV commercials, mixing and recording for big name clients and huge projects. I've done jingles and composition that have been played on the airwaves. Been a live sound engineer for about 10 years mixing a variety setups from small rigs to large halls (not Singapore Indoor Stadium size though).

Done alot of music for film and moving images, wrote my own songs and done commercial songwriting as well. I play the bass, guitar, drums and a little keys (just enough to survive); the bass being my principal instrument with 10 years of playing experience; done jazz gigs around Singapore and played several smaller gigs along the way.

If you have something that you require to have mixing work done or you have any queries feel free to drop me a mail at exinated (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll see how we can work things out. I work through FTP (e.g. yousendit, zshare etc) for now so no worries about getting your files over to me.
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