Forming Japanese pop rock band

Jap pop rock band, that is :D

I am female (though for japanese songs I usually prefer singing male songs because japanese females voices tend to be kinda high in their songs), into Jpop and kinda interested in the female vox position. However, what commitment/expectations are you looking for?

Well for Japanese songs.......I tend to listen to flumpool, yuzu, NEWS, tegomasu, ikimonogakari, nishino kana. Actually I listen to quite a number of others too, just that these are the ones that come to mind.
Well in fact I have. Chinese song and maybe one or two jap songs sung by males - but mp3 though, not uploaded anywhere! Weekly..........? Wow that may be quite difficult with school ><
I'm interested.
Been playing guitar for 5 years. I wouldn't mind either Lead/Rhythm guitarist position.
But preferably lead.
You say J-pop/rock, mind listing a few examples?

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