Forming band or duo. (male or female./ big or small) no pun intended.


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Syaz here. 31.

In short, im looking to set up a band / duo.
Have written a lot of songs but i would like to work with a new person.
I have been a vocalist, rhythm etc, but im more of a songwriter, my strength is on using non conventional chords n song structure for creation of songs. add in vocal melody along the way.. depends a lot on the synergy with the person/s im working with. =)

Long run , hopefully not too long cos we are getting old. haha .Im heading towards producing an album . Priority is not for selling but a finished product. If it sells so be it. Will
be using my home recording studio devices to accomplish this. It is decent enough. No need to spend hundreds to thousands of bucks on a song. Did that before and I think it was a waste. I think i know enough to get it done . but i do feel i am not so patient or adept in mixing.

Anyway, I would appreciate a level of commitment. I do understand we have our jobs n other personal commitments . But this is somethg else. Once a week / fortnight is usually just nice.

Gigs will also be played alongside once the songs are finished.
Current target will be 3 songs till end of this year. Im a teacher by
profession so my holidays are meant for hobbies n vices just like
everyone else. anyway, we can work things out.

Looking for musicians with same interest n musical influences. If i
get a full band then it shall be. If not, a duo or trio is my destiny
for now. whatever comes. Just be yourself, have a cuppa with me, and we can see instntly if we can make music together. Musicians are intuitive. so if you feel it, i feel it.

My previous Bands that i worked with, some are still ongoing but
dormant for a while due to members personal commitments.

1) sleeve
3) guestbook
2) freefallers
4) fork and spoon

Songwriting influence: radiohead, interpol, massive attack, bjork, efterklang.

Do email me at pleased to meet u
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