Forming a 3pc band

Yu Pei

New member
Hi, my name is Yu Pei and i'm 25 this year. I am starting another personal project of my own, hopefully its works out well. I hope this new band, in the long run, we could go gigs, open mics and busking too.

I'm a male vocalist, genres i usually do:

Language of songs i had done:

usually i gear towards 1990s, early 2000s songs for both language but i'm also building a list of modern songs too.

The position(s) i am looking at:

1 x guitarist (accoustic)
1 x keyboardist

Positions will be open to all ages and gender. And if you can do vocals too, it will be bonus.

Im a working adult but am still able to commit to jamming sessions so hit me up at 97523506 if you are interested.

And my youtube channel featuring my open mics:


Instagram of my 4pc band: