Formin a band


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HI!(what an intro)

okay guys lets get this straight,im lookin to form a band here.playin songs like..ehem,here we go:

good charlotte,blink182,sum 41,avril lavigne,greenday,good charlotte,paramore,pug jelly,simple plan etc.

first song tt's planned for us to play by my vox " given up by linkin park

well...its mainly mainstream music,radio freindly too but these music are for jammin sessions only though.
and if the band works out,we'll start to create our own songs and do some recordings n stuffs,cuz i need a band for my sch!!!!will be studyin in s.a.e.

anw guys,lets face the facts,bonds while formin bands like this in the internet might nt be as strong as band formed with freinds we noe for a long time,so its up to everyone how much commitment u guys wanna put in,and i rili hope that the band will be successful as i rili wish to perform a lot of events.

im lookin forward to recording and performin various shows with this bands..if u guys think tt u have the same pop/rock or pop/punk music fetish like me than lets make a band!!

its kid here btw,
signing off
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