Flanger Recommendation


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Anyone has a nice flanger pedal to recommend? Was thinking of getting one..but has no idea which 1 is good..heard that the BOSS is not very organic...btw..can a flanger achive chorus sound also?

bro, if you aren't particular about the brand name, the Ibanez Tone Lok chorus/ flanger is value for money. a british mag recently gave it 5/5 in a review... 8)

keep a lookout on 2nd hand older ibanez flanger pedals too, on and off there are ppl selling it at luther's classifieds, they're much better than boss ones imo
oooh thanks dude..thats cheap..but after listening to the sound clips from ibanez webbie..i dun really like the sound of it..hmm..do you have any more recommendation?

okie i will check out 2nd hand side

Famous organic sounding flanger tone in the history of rock music doesnt come from rack processors......

There is another flanger from ibanez which should be available from sweelee too, the reissue FL-9 flanger. That is something worth checking out too, if not, the boss flanger will do the job, but it's not really a great sounding flanger imho.

Other than that, another one to consider is the electro harmonix electric mistress.

These 2 are reasonable priced($200+) quality flanger. If the budget is out of the range. I think it would be better to save up for it than to settle for those normal one. A great sounding flanger is really a wonderful effect.

If you want to check out whats a good flanger. Do a search on foxrox tzf on the net and listen to the soundclips. It seriously blow away most of the flanger pedals out there......
Oooh Ooh..thanks for all these infos..will sure to check them out..hmm..does the BOSS BF-2 has a more organic sound compare to BOSS BF-3? saw some 2nd hand BF-2 on sales..and have you guys try out guyatone flanger before?
the FL-9 is goot! i've tried the EHX Electric mistress b4 at WMUM store, didnt impress me at all, moreover its biggg, takes up too much estate in my pdboard, last time i went to Swee Lee's to get a FL9 they were out of stock, i use a very old Ibz Flanger at the moment, so old it doesnt even have a model name like FL9 etc etc hehee not very satisfied with it but it'll do for now till i find the FL9 8)
hmm..is there any webbie that has sound sample for the fl-9? i went to check out the foxrox tzf..and woah~ the sound is really great..but by looking at the price stated by the users from HC..think its way off my budget @.@