Fingers or Picks? Your comments pls.


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I heard this topic pop up now and then, and I juz wanna know whether u cool dudes out there prefer finger style or pick style or hybrid? Any reasons?

For me, I like to use fingers most of the time as I find it more expressive with tone and dynamics.

For me, hybrid is more for chinese pop songs and classics like Led Zeps Stairway to heaven.

I use pickstyle mostly for mordern emo songs, punk rock and metal shred licks where I can't keep the speed without a pick...(dunno why, fingers can't match the speed...although string skipping becomes really really easy.... :p)
depending on style of music that individual guitar player doing. I guess its good to have some combination of all sorts and try using fingers for songs that requires pick and pick for stuff that requires fingers. Hehe, maybe can start a punk band that blast thru the music and suddenly break into chicken picking style...
I feel it is a combination of both. I used to hate using the pick until I found out that it is faster and essential for many modern rock techniques.

But I have to agree with phreak that fingers are more expressive, making an acoustic piece more soulful and whole-sounding.