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Hi all, looking for a fender tele any make, just that don't want one that's black in colour. Anyone know where I can get some good deals on them? How much does a tele go for usually?

What kind of pickups do you suggest I go get for a tele if I wanna do replacements? Does yamaha bring in seymour duncans for teles?

Could someone please help me out? Thank you!
benwen said:
What kind of pickups do you suggest I go get for a tele if I wanna do replacements?

For Seymour Duncan replacement tele pickups, try the Broadcaster bridge. Pretty ballsy in my tele. I ordered mine from overseas, why dont you call Music Plaza to check.
Hi Ben- i see you have that tele itch... 8)

in the market right now are 4 tele makes: mexican/ korean/ jap/ US

the mexican would be the most affordable starters, they can be had for <$1K (selected models). jap models are the other worthy contender to consider but IMO they feel unique. the current korean model i tried was the Blackout tele- very modern feel & it's Duncan equipped. it's a very pleasant guitar to play but the price tag is simply unreasonable (>$1.4K). the US teles are still the std to beat, the most afforable of which is the Highway1 tele (list: $1,400). in any case, try these guitars personally & decide according to your likes, regardless of the brand name. i know the black finish is unfavourable to you, appeciate if you can take time to read my tele Blackout review here:


yes, there are Duncan tele pickups @ Music Plaza, in fact my tele here feature a pair of them: Hot Rails (bridge)/ Hot Rythm (neck)

Hmmm..Was thinking more along the lines of a japan tele.. Yea got that itch..heh. Been looking for quite a while to find a guitar with 'that' tone.. Dirty and twangy at the same time, or a crude tone. heh.. went the strat route, but it's tone wasn't strong or edgy enough. Now I've found the guitar that'll do it. What's your opinion of mex teles? How much?

Jap teles?
mex teles are OK, really, that's all i have to say about it. the Jap teles are few & far between, you should visit G77 & audition this Jap Aerodyne:


this one would've won me over but again, i'm no fan of finished necks...

the american teles are the way to go IMO. try out the Highway1 tele, it's a modern tele but sports a traditional ash-tray type 3-saddle bridge which SHOULD replicate a good tele honk. the mex lacks this feature, i've not seen a jap with one either...