SOLD Fender Champ X2 valve Amp with new Celestion G10 Gold Speaker

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This Amp is in excellent new condition and was purchased in Singapore for $500 (Very hard to get now) ....and is the ideal gigging and studio amp as it's small and compact with outstanding volume if required.
This Amp is unique in that it has a post purchase professionally fitted Celestion G10 Gold Speaker (USA$200+) making it cleaner and louder as this is THE top of the range speaker for Fender amps and way in excess quality and sound of the original speaker.

This Valve + Modeliing Amp has USB input .. a footswitch ($100+) and is funky rare light blue Fender factory colour with blue light

$650 firm price…

SMS me 97231669 or email if you are interested and serious

fender-super-champ-x2-844502.jpgIMG_5871.jpgIMG_5866.jpgIMG_5876 2.jpg
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