Female Vox Needed

Dennis Ng

New member
Hi, i'm Dennis and i currently have a 4-piece full band playing pop, funk and rock covers. We have been playing together for 3 years and have performed at Wala Wala, Harry's, Changi Beach Club and Esplanade Waterfront. We are currently seeking a female vocalist to perform at pending gigs. Pls reach me at 92708962 if interested. Thanks!
Hi ignitexo, there are no age requirements or looks requirements or anything of the sort. We are looking for someone who is musically-able. Can sing, can harmonize, can front a band. The band is semi-pro and we only do paid gigs. With a repertoire of 40 - 50 songs, doing a night at a pub is no issue for us and we have done so before. If you are interested, we can schedule a try out next Monday 25th July at 9pm.
Hi mystikat, we are looking for someone to sing english songs. If you're interested, please provide your email address and i will send you our current repertoire of female songs and duets. thanks.