Female Vocalist Needed^^ (Anime Songs)


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Looking For Leisure Female Vocalist^^ (Anime Songs)

*Vox Found*

Hi thanks for looking. :p

We currently already have 2 guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. As stated, we're looking to add a female vocalist to our group.

We play only japanese anime music so it is preferred that the vocalist is comfortable with the japanese language or have the confidence to remember the lyrics. Interest in anime would also be the best. We usually meetup every sat morning/early afternoon so the vocalist is required to be free during that time period.

We also have an invitation to perform for an upcoming public sports carnival in late July this year, but whether we will go for it would be dependent on how ready and comfortable the vocalist is.

That being said, that performance is an exception actually. We are actually a group of anime-lovers from Singapore Polytechnic who have just come together to play out anime songs leisurely. We are not serious or planning to go professional in any ways. We are playing as a band purely out of personal passion and interest. So most of the time, we don't plan to do any performance and stuffs like that.

The songs that we play are like Fuwa Fuwa Time (K-ON!) , Crow Song (Angel Beats!) , God Knows (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).

Alright! Feel free to pm me if anyone's interested :rolleyes:
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