Female Vocalist available


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24 years old female vox looking for a long term kind of committed band willing to hit band competitions with no runaway band leaders.

Contact me at 97367078. Drop me an sms stating your name, type of music your band plays and we can discuss from there.

About my vocals:
- can harmonise on the spot.
- can random stuff on the spot such as lyrics and melody
- alto to soprano range

Taste in music and able to sing these genres:
- electro
- rock
- Indie
- Pop
- punk rock
- psychedelic rock
- r & b
- dance
- radio friendly songs
- celtic
- stuff like nightwish, evanescence, lana del rey...
- I'm open to other genres... just email me at joleenseam@hotmail.com and I'll have a listen

- I'm looking for an acapella group to join.... Either a band or an acapella group...

- been performing with a band for about 4 years
- have had recording experience
- have had performing experience for approx. 4 years

- Waiting for my vocal effects, arriving around july

*Can play the keyboards but not really good... for real
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