Experienced Lead Guitarists...where are you?!


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We are looking for an experienced male guitarist, 25 years old and above, who can play both lead and rhythm (must also be able to sing backing vocals).

Band plays private and corporate events, as well as gigs on the local bar and pub scene. Set list is rock, pop, blues and some funk.

Please contact: kalliope@bandontherun.info
Our style is that of Versailles meets Malice Mizer, and we are very influenced not only by all sorts of metal, but also the sound of the Orchestra.
hHhaha versailies ehk? 98122549(haikelzambri) but im 20 Xp
my band did a recording at 32 bits studio
have a listen my solo starts after my female singer sings...
im not just metalcore/hardcore.i was b4 in a post-hardcore(that one got alot of singing),jmetal,latin band.
so yah im very wide genred? XDXD