Ernie Ball Musicman 95' Stingray Classic


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This is an Ernie Ball Musicman 95' Stingray Classic
- packs a classic tone punch
- very well setup
- no fret buzz
- aluminum shielded (no humming) all throughout
- perfect low action
- perfect Intonation
- no dents or dings (like brand new)
- foam on the bridge (serves a natural classic stingray)

Ash body
Maple neck
Textured finish
Ernieball musicman standard Alnico Humbucking PU

Comes with
- extra pickguard
- authentic hardcase
- dehumidifier
- ill throw in 1 MONO BETTY SHORT STRAP

Basically you will just have to plug and play it.

Looking for trade only on Warwick Bass Guitar. accepting also top up + trade

Selling Price 1800 (TRADING PRICE)

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