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Hi ppl, only recently have I just started listening to Eric Johnson (ya, i know... wat have i been missing out all these years :lol: ), and been intrigued by his playing style, and more of his tone. Just wondering, do you guys know what pickups does he use? I noticed he has an exceptionally warm and fat bridge sound on his strat...

hey no worries man, just recently discovered van halen myself...hahaha...mountain tortoise la i...keke..

as for EJ, i've read articles on how he gets his sound. but dun remember pups tho...keke
the sound is mainly in his amps and his playing.

if i remember correctly, the pickups on the signature strat are stock.

if u want to try emulate his tone, download some of his lesson videos floating around online... he does talk a bit about his playing.
EJ? His tone, beside the small fraction of it is from the guitars and amps, actually come from the fuzzface, chandler tube driver and the various pedals he is using.......

The smooth lead he has, a big part of the tone is from the fuzzface. And that, make the big different
one of my favourite guitarfuccks! i like the way he pluck.. so clear :lol:

and cliffs of dover sooooooo awesome :oops: i downloaded 3 version of it

the new Eric Johnson strat is a very interesting mix-n-match, however, he retained much of his beloved '57 strat features namely the lightweight 2-piece alder body.

it's also a product which reflects the erdorser's brave move to adopt modern specs in his ware, like the controls for instance, which has a tone knob for the neck & bridge only, which gets my vote 8)

Johnson joins Steve Morse in appreciating the value of light bodies...
oh my god the eric johnson strat looks great!!! i hope its not ridiculously overpriced...

by the way subversion what you mean by one tone knob for neck and bridge?
one knob affects neck and bridge? then 2 volume knobs?
Chanmin, meaning 1 tone for neck pickup, 1 tone for bridge pickup (instead of the conventional strat, which is for middle)...:)