Eq Pedals


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So after hearing all these stories about the mighty eq pedals i'm kinda wanting to buy one myself. I'm leaning towards a danelectro fish and chips eq because dano's are usually cheap but i had a dano grilled cheese and it sucked balls....spoilt after a few months, so does anyone have experience with the fish and chips pedal? I'm not sure where to get it in Singapore though....any other cheap but good eq pedals i shoul check out?

The boss equalizer would make a sound investment. Better to save up and get something better and reliable than have something cheap break down on you all the time :D
EQ is kinda essential for tone sculpting IMO... i tried the GE-7, maybe i tried a dud unit, but it generated a background hiss (not too much though) upon activation. i'm currently using DOD (discontinued) which i'm glad i bought. it cuts/ boosts ( -/+18 ) more than the GE-7 (-/+15). however, the GE-7 is no way a lousy pedal.

the Danny Fish N Chip EQ is a nifty pedal but IMO it should be restricted to home use. it's too light & gets flipped over easily if you accidentally tug your cables which tend to happen if you gig/ play live...
like i said, maybe they gave me a compromised one to try- it's always good to try out before you buy, to prevent situations like this... :?