Epiphone ES-175 for sale - MINT and CHEAP with hard case


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Hi all,

A re re re repost

I have on hand an Epiphone ES-175 MINT (played twice indoors) for sale. It includes the hard case. I bought this guitar as a spare backup intended to be taken overseas over my Gibson ES-175. My overseas trip did not come to pass and so this guitar has been up for sale.

For those in the know, the Epiphone ES-175 is closest you will get to a classic full hollow bodied archtop jazz guitar without splurging over 6K$ or so on a Gibson archtop ES-175 or an L5. In fact with the right pickups, it sounds almost indistinguishable to an actual Gibson ES-175. I know because i have one...

Its the best choice for budding players just wanting to dabble in jazz or folks looking for a different hollow bodied sound.

If you have a cool $5000 or $6000, i would say just splurge and get yourself a brand new Gibson ES-175 or the ultimate Gibson byrdland for say $9000. Even then its a stretch if you are just getting your toes wet with jazz or some progressive music.

Otherwise for $800 with hard case, the Epiphone ES-175 is a damn good guitar even against guitars worth twice that price. You are not getting a new piece with hard case at this price... Action is low and easy with no buzzing, dead spots or neck warping. Rest assured on the MINT condition as i DO NOT even take my semi hollow and acoustic guitars out in the open air unless the environment is air conditioned. For those in the know, even if not damaged, acoustic instruments will sound like crap once they absorb moisture from the air if humidity is high (above 65% which is just about any location NOT airconditioned).

Interested parties please call. Willing to negotiate but no low ballers please.