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I am Jordan, frontman of the band Pixel Apartment and a former Chinese Orchestra Double Bassist. I'm now a 1st Year Recording Arts and Science major student at National University of Singapore, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. I am looking for tight small acoustic ensembles (eg: chinese plucked strings, indian drums, latin percussion, percussion ensemble, choir, acapella groups, acoustic singer songwriters) ready and interested to do a free ACOUSTIC recording in the studio for publicity or personal use. For me, this is my assignment, so the recording is provided FREE of CHARGE, and you are free to use the recorded files in any way you wish, but subject for academic use such as feature for Audio Engineer's Conferences and stuff like that. I can also out of goodwill provide HD video recording if you desire.

The main issue is that this particular recording is meant to be a stereo live recording, not multitrack. Hence it is best if all instruments are acoustic. If it is possible, you could send me audio files of youtube songs of stuff you might want to perform and I will gauge if it is suitable. The band must be of relatively good standard since edits of performance mistakes are not possible, although we can do retakes. If you are interested, please reply me soon. I will commence recording around mid Feburary. If you wanna check out the studio gear, visit the website at this link:


To cut down on communication, interested parties please send me an email to pixelapartment@gmail.com including your ensemble/band details, and very importantly, a youtube video or myspace link that features your stuff. Ideally, a live performance would be better. Also include whether you are currently being signed to a label/management or recording contract. Thank you!

p.s: if we work well together, there is a good possibility of more recording opportunities between myself and your ensemble in the foreseeable future.

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Recording Arts and Science Major Student
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
National University of Singapore
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