EMU1212M help need


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im new to recording
and i just bought the creative emu 1212m sound card
it has 2 x 1/4 inch jacks for both out puts n inputs
and more digital in/outputs

do i need to get a mixer to connect the inputs and outputs?
does a mixer provide connection to output to 2 different speaker setups?

i only need at most 2 inputs for guitar and mic

any mixer to recommend if i need on?
or do i just get a 1/4 jack to rca converter to connect to my hifi amp?

anyone with this sound card kind enufff to share on how you setup your card for recording and monitoring?

im connecting it to my hifi (pretty good) plus a cheapo computer speaker for gaming

the cheapo speaker only has a 1/32 jack which is stereo
i think the output 1/4 jacks on the sound card is mono ?

where can i get these converters?
With 2 inputs and 2 outputs, it's just nice for your setting. One mic and one guitar goes to each of the inputs, while you route the 2 outputs to your speakers.

I bought my 1/4 to RCA converter at Sim Lim Square 2nd or 3rd floor,
there is this audio shop which sells cables near the escalator, towards the 'back alley' of the mall. There aren't many audio shops anyway, so you should be able to find one.

Unfortunately, there isn't enough outputs to support 2 speakers, but if you get an external mixer, you will be able to support more than one pair of output depending on the mixer model.