efx loop


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my amp has this efx loop input thingy.. but i dun get how it works... its not a mono jack also.. i hear 2 clicks when i put in a mono plug.. but..its a small amp.. samick AG15R.. no details on it in the net.. what to do??
Ok, the hole is most prob a stereo jack input. It should be for effects for noise gates and compressors where the signal out from the amp goes thru the effects unit and returns to the amp from the same hole. You need a y-cable where one head is a stereo jack (tip for sending, ring for return), and the other end splits into 2 mono jacks (thus y-cable). One mono goes into the input of the unit, the other goes into the output.

Why do this loop and what's the diff from daisy-chaining a series of effects direct to the amp's input, I'm not too sure myself. Maybe if subversion sees this he can explain.

Hope it's not too confusing. I'm not very good at explaining. But it's what that loop is for... :)