Edirol in Singapore


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Anyone knows which dealers carries Edirol...

I know Edirol's under Roland. Naturally, I went to the Swee Lee website but no have... Anyone can help me out here? :D
sweelee doesn't bring them in i think. i wrote in some weeks back to inquire about the availability of a particular product and never received a reply. i guess in sweelee language (sweehili?), that means no.

i guess internet order is the only way. u want to order something? :D
Swee Lee dun seems to be interested in retail business.

I asked for the FantomXR module, they just say 'PLEASE WAIT' !!!
well in my point of view , they only entertain SERIOUS BUYERS...

unless u show them the cash before hand , they won't bother telling u more about the product...

bongman: i can't wait to see what price tag sweelee is gonna put for the fantom XR. i looked up a shop in perth and saw that they're charging only AU$1621 for the fantom XR. and that's australia, where gear is more expensive than over here, and most places in the world in fact. anyway, AU$1621 translates to about S$2072. motif ES rack about the same price too.

anyway, i want to get an edirol PCR-m80.
fantom XR price

Roland fantom XR
the retail price in US music shop is about US$1595-1345
check out:

so probably it'll be SG$2200-2500. It still depends
if they are willing to bring it lower to SG$2000-2200.
FantomXR definitely is more expensive
than Motif ES rack because FantomXR has a built-in sampler.
whereas none in Motif Es rack