Durable/strong guitar bag


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Am looking for a durable/strong guitar bag, i saw an ad in one o the guitar mag from sumwhere, its a hybrid/soft hard case, kinda like ritter, but it has a skeletal structure to protect the guitar, some aluminium thing, kinda like the deuter back packs, its slightly bigger than a normal guitar bag but much more durable,.. anyone seen these type o stuff around here?
you know what?...that sounds like a fantastic idea man soft/hard cases... no idea got web site? etc??
u talking abt the semi hardcase? they do exist...btw r u looking for a case for ur electric or accoustic? im looking for one too...do pm me if u get any good deals..
yeah am talking about the semi hardcase, i saw one gator semi hardcase, at the gator website, but it looks pretty ugly, but its functionality tt counts, the one am looking for is also a semi hrdcase, but not by gator, a diff brand am still looking on the net to find, but no results as yet. I think u can get the gator semi hardcase at music plaza,..
Hmm do you guys have a pic of it? Post it here? Or the webby? I cant find such thing call semi-hardcase... Those results i get from google looks like normal hardcase. Is it padded?

yeah...you can get the gator semihard case at Music Plaza.. i still think that a hardcase is still better. It protects the guitar better against knocks, and is easier to store. try the skb range avail. at Swee Lee..
anyway ive got a electric semi hardcase for sale...fits strat and most ibanez shaped guitars....selling it coz it cant fit my schecter due to the tilted peghead...pm me for pics and price