Duncans on an Ibanez

i suggest u go their website and look for the tone wizard link. they give u some suggestions for what on the neck and what on the brigde. should be pretty good advice i think.
yeah i know but they probably recorded those samples using some pretty expensive equipment..just wanna hear some comments firsthand from u guys..esp those who put duncans on their ibanez's..
the Distortion is hotter than the JB, if you flick between the 2 pickups often, you'll hear a volume difference, the Distortion being the louder humbucker.

but let that be the least of your worries, volume matching can be done by tinkering with the height of the pickups, a boost pedal will definitely help too. i have the Distortion in the neck of my RG1550 pictured here. it's a wonderful unit if you demand clarity under high gain settings, especially if you solo in the neck. the bridge counterpart is Duncan's Screamin' Demon

yeah i kinda settled for the distortion in the neck, it has great highs and mids not too bassy so i guess i'll get a real good neck soloing tone without much muddiness..just need to decide on the bridge...is JB good? or maybe 59 or something else?
hey i got rg1550 too:D:D....i love that guitar man...the fretboard is for me the most comfortable one.....

ok if i wanna get pickups right....and i like rock and solo better....like vai,satriani,petrucci,friedman,vinnie moore,andy timmons,becker.....

what kinda amp and pickups would u guys recommend...i got factory pickups right now ....and now amp...playing thru computer speakers:D
the Kahler has a surround housing but the new Egde Pro bridge by Ibanez retains its stud anchoring of its predecessor- the Lo-Pro Edge/ Edge.

NOTE: for a floating bridge equipped guitar, the bridge humbucker should be a Trembucker version (if you are getting Duncans) to comform to the slightly wider length of the bridge...
Sub, hows the tone of the Demon on the bridge?
Thick and clean i suppose?

Has anyone here coil split any of this Duncan Distortion or Jb.?
Just like to get some feedback...thanks
the Demon has a healthy dose of lower midrange that i like, very good for high gain riffing. you can say that it's a modded '59 because it was conceived as such. it's not a strong proponent of clean tones though...
trembucker spaced? my rg470's pickups are rim mounted, do i still need to get the trembucker version? The normal humbucker will fit right?
Since this topic has been brought i thought i might ask a few question as well. Does music plaza bring in the 7 string versions of the SD 59/custom? And what's the price like?
rim mounted or otherwise, if your guitar sports the floyd-type whammy (eg: Ibanez Edge vibrato), the trembucker spacing is a better fit.

music plaza doesn't bring in the 7-string Duncans. you can custom order from the nice people at gain10... highly recommended service 8)
hmm...that's a problem..cos gotta order the trembucker spaced JB...but beez says the humbucker JB will fit...does the not-so aligned pole pieces of the JB hum in the bridge have any dire consequences?
no it won't affect the fitting. non-trembucking models are a little narrow so the strings won't run parallel to the magnet's pole pieces.

however, purists advocate that the trembucker spacing gives you more 'true' sound. imagine a shower head directly above an empty bucket- that's the trembucking analogy. having the shower head NOT directly above the bucket still has water going into it, but not every drop is captured- that's the non-trembucking analogy...
yep i understand that cos of the alignment of pole pieces..but surely the magnets are strong enuf to pickup the vibrations even if not so well aligned? i've seen many guitars with the strings not very aligned to the pole pieces...some really good guitars too...
yes, the magnets are capable of capturing the strings' vibrations, trem-spacing or otherwise. if you can live with a little visual imperfection, by all means go ahead 8)