drumming lessons.. what do they cover?


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Hi all,
I've been learning to play drum for about 3-4 months now. from nothing, I've learned the basic notations and reading tabs (and still learning )Question is, what do you learn during your lessons with your drum instructor? Do you play everything from your book even if you don't like it? or do you request him/her to teach you to play your favourite songs?
I paid $140 for every 4 lessons and it's 45mins every lesson. This is my first music school, so I don't know what do others teach. pls help, thanks
Learn from the books and then apply them to your favourite songs. You'll eventually realise how useful the things you learn in the books are. Occasionally though, you may ask your teacher to teach a couple of your favourite songs to spice up the lessons.

The stuff you learn from books are the tools. How you use the tools is really up to you. Hope this helps :D
Hi pokkagirl, do not be afraid to ask, just ask anything about drumming that you want and tell your instructor what you like or dislike. You pay for the lessons and asking questions is part of it.

Keep the faith :D