Drummer looking for metal band


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I am a drummer with seven years' experience looking for a good band to join on a permanent basis. I am 34 years old, going on 35, so a serious bloke about music.

By good band, I mean a band with all the members, everyone up to speed on songs, a tight unit, etc. These are non-negotiable: last jam I went to, only the guitarist showed up and nobody else, and I am not really into wasting my time.

I also think I am at an intermediate level in my playing, so I'd like a band where guys know the songs and how to play the songs.

Focus should be on original music, covers are fine, but I really want to play new, fun music that people can listen to.

Bands I am into include Death, Obituary, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Grave, Exodus, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Annihilator, etc. Am open to trying out other stuff too, just don't expect George Kollias or Derek Roddy on the drums, I am not a complete drummer as yet.

I have stage experience and can be counted on to keep time. Here is a short video I did for drum auditions. I practice a lot, so getting better.

I have a job, but have two days off every week - one weekday and one weekend day. I also have two other bands in which I play guitar, so I can definitely commit to one jam every two weeks AT MINIMUM for all three bands, including this one.

In case you're only looking for a sessions guy and don't want a permanent drummer, I am also available. I have an e-kit and can record drums for your music at my place if you provide me a reference track. I can also run the midi track through either BFD3 or Superior Drummer and provide you with wav files of each individual drum piece for mixing purposes.

Do get in touch if you are interested, too few metal bands nowadays. Call or whatsapp me on eight one 3 2 three 6 six nine. It would be great if you can also send me videos or audio clips of your original songs or covers.

As mentioned, if you do not have a COMPLETE band with all members, or if you and other members are not serious enough to jam twice a week, do work on these issues before getting in touch with me. I'm totally accessible, so even if you're putting an act together and are just scoping out prospective members, get in touch with me :)

- Reggae Mangle
hey Buddy...My Band looking for a drummer but we more on Hard Rock n some Heavy Metal...likes: Rainbow/MSG/Kansas/Scorpions ect...but not to Hardcore..if you interested can in box me...:D \m/