drummer lookin for band


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hi name's Keith..rite now gonna "ord" in 3 mths and lookin for a band to expand my playing exp..my influences are - the ataris, blink-182 & sum41..my exp in drumming iz currently 9mths..i may not play as gd as Travis Barker but willing to work hard..so any punk rock bands lookin for a drummer and think i fit the picture reply this posting or msg on msn(disturbedsoul84@hotmail) or sms @ 92729331..thx 4 ur time!
Interesting ... My band needs a drummer ... We play metal stuff, rhcp stuff, rage against the machine, alot of other crap.
my and another member are sorta looking for a drummer to play punk rock stuffs.. :) ard the same age group.. added u to msn.. will intro u to the other guy when u come online..
Keith you could use the musician wanted or musician available forum to reach a bigger dedicated pool.

Deathcube, its up to keith to decide who he wanted to join..whats with the i saw him first ..get lost? brudder...brudder!