SOLD Dr Z 112 cabinet, Celestion Vintage 30, 8ohm

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Hi all,

Selling this excellent cab as I've decided to upgrade to its 2x12 version. This 1x12 is loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and has killer tone. Play it with your favorite amplifier and hear the improvement for yourself. It's built with the highest quality birch and workmanship. Lots of rave reviews and it's very hard to find one for sale used. Brand new price is SGD750, I'm just asking for 550 nett.

This cab is in mint condition and never abused, home use with a 38 watt amp. I've had it for about 9 months and I'm often overseas due work, so it has led a relaxed life. Its so good that I've decided to take the plunge and get its bigger brother. I'm a tone chaser! Oh, this is a convertible cab, open back or closed back simply by removing/reinstalling a removable back panel. All thoughtfully designed."-Celestion-Vintage-30-8-Omhs.html

The cab for sale is with black tolex and salt/pepper cloth grill. All top notch quality.

Not looking for trades, just cash sale please. Free delivery in Singapore, $550 nett.

Sms/whatsapp 9793 65 96 if keen.

Thank you.
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SOLD to an extremely nice gentleman who didn't haggle and was punctual. Good to know SOFT still have such folks.

Thanks very much, Lee!
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