DigiTech, Ibanez or Boss?


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Hey guys!

Another prb here!

i wanna expand my rig! ive planned to get the Boss Phase Shifter (PH-3)
(pls gif ur comments on the PH-3) :) i play lead and rhythm

Now im in a dilema between these 3 effects :

1) Boss Digital Reverb/Delay ( RV-3)
2) DigiTech Digital DigiDelay
3) Ibanez Delay/Echo ( DE-7 )

After doing my research on this 3Brands im impressed by these Demos :

Boss ( Guitar Solo & Big Hall )
DigiTech ( Love All of the Demos, wish i could pull it out from the screen :lol: )
Ibanez ( Long Delay Sound on Sound )

Well ive narrowed them down to these 3 so far! im more taken in by Digitech mostly than Boss! i like the Ibanez only cos of the lead effects!

from the Demos I'd rate them:

DigiTech ---> A+++
Boss ---> A
Ibanez ---> B-

But none the less pls do gif me ur reviews, commments, suggestions, experiences ..... anything pls!

Really Thanx a Million Guys!

Cheers! :?
its seriously up to you to decide.. we can only advise u along the way.. but yeah, i'd say the digitech one is good.. generally, digitech stuff is pretty good quality. :lol: and for some reason,, i'm not really into boss products and i find some ibanez effects rather lacking in quality of workmanship and sound.. so yeahh. your choice! :D
Also, do remember that the demos were all recorded with different gear. So consistency is an issue if you make such a comparison. Why don't you go down to Sweelee and have a go at all 3? Bring all your gear if need be, you never know how a certain pedal will react and work with your rig.
The PH3 has been reviewed many times on Harmony Central - it's a 50/50 bet. Some feel that is too sterile and digital sounding, while others like it because it is capable of some extreme 12-step phasing. I have the old PH-1r which is quite sought after, apparently, because it is warmer sounding and has the extra 'resonance' control which the first PH-1 didnt. This resonance control is present on subsequent models like the PH2 and PH3 as well. I think there's a PH2 on sale at the wakemeup music store, something like $90. U might wanna try that. I believe the PH3 is definitely more ex.

Are you looking for reverb or delay pedal? They are two different things, it's just lucky for you that the Boss RV3 incorporates both (if that's what you want)

if you want a reverb pedal, you might wanna try the Electroharmonix Holy Grail - there's someone selling it on Luther classads for $130 with box. That one is a well-reviewed reverb pedal, check Harmony central for more depth. i have not tried it myself.

I can't speak for the Digitech since i have not tried it before. But I have the Ibanez DE7, and i would vouch for this strongly if you are looking for a digital pedal that does a very close simulation of the warmth of a tape-delay. It has 2 modes - delay or echo. Delay mode gives you the regular, clean and sterile repeats of digital delay pedals. Echo mode is where this unit really shines - it creates repeats that fade away gradually, just like a real echo, and echos that cascade into the background in a pulsating, swirling pattern. You can create very lush soundscapes or even do noise-rock with this pedal. Essential for those shoegazers or indie bands who want that creamy swirl of background noise. And yes, the DE7 has the longest delay among the three pedals you have mentioned.

just to add, the DE7 is also the cheapest amongst the three pedals. :lol:
To tell u the truth MrE, i really love the Digitech one! im not really worried abt the price of it though since ive saved up quite abit to go around! but there's juz many models out there that stires up the confusion! cos i don wanna waste the money anyhow ... u knw wat i mean rite! :)

thanx alot for the reviews on it!
hey, u might want to note that the RV-3 has been discontinued for a few years already, finding one might be a little of a pain. (luckily, i picked mine off luthermusic class ads not too long ago :D)

in any case, the rv-3's settings that u like, happen to be rather big and spacey. the rv-3 is rather well known for that kinda settings. personally, i feel that the delay aspect of it is somewhat lacking, the reverb is nice, but has to be controlled properly, else it really gets everything messy. when both delay and reverb are used together, again, theres that annoying possibility of getting things messed. however, with that large spacey sound, slow solos and instrumentals own 8)
The digidelay seems to get alot of votes followed by the DE7. The RV3 doesnt get covered much here. Maybe you want to tell us what you play? What do you want it for? U2 kind of genres? Slapback echo, or simply to wetten your sound etc.

If you can save more, consider getting the Deluxe Memory Man. In my opinion, that's the best sounding delay you can get in SG.

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