Difficulty in playing the F-Chord


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I just started learning playing Guitar abt 1-2 mths ago...

I have difficulties playing the f-chord. Can any1 give me some tips how to successfully play the f-chord? like how to position my left hand, thumb etc? Or is there any exercises for me to make my left hand fingers more flexible to play the f chord

My forefinger keeps unable to make the first fret tight enuf to play the <f> note. I really find it difficult to use my forefinger to play both the <f> and <c> note at the same time....

The other chords, C,G-7, G, E-Minor, A-Minor etc all I can cope.. just the f chord I cannot........
my initial problem with using the index finger (2nd finger) to hold down the 1st, 2nd and 6th string simultaneously led me to use the other known method of using the index finger to hold 1st and 2nd string, and using the thumb instead to fret the 6th string.

practice both ways and see which suits you better.
gyaradoz, are you using the side of your index finger(the bony part) to press on the strings?
if you are, keep on it and you'll get it.
yar, when i started guitar, i hated playing the f-chord, used to call it the fuck chord, but now after getting used to barring the chord, its really useful, and you can use the 5 different shapes of holding a major chord and move them around the neck to get different major chords
Had the same problem initially. Lots of practice (to strengthen the fretting hand) and a proper guitar setup will make it easier.
I know what you mean man, I can't play it properly either.

barre the 1st 2 strings then put your other 2 fingers into place. if you take your time and concentrate on where your fingures are you should be able to play it properly, then just practise from there.

but you must use pressure and really hold down the strings even if it hurts. you will get used to it.
Just have to say this , NO PAIN, NO GAIN :D

Once you can play the barre F chord the rest of the barre chords will be a breeze :lol: I learn the barre F chord when I was 13 yrs old which was like ages ago

Don't worry, everyone has the same problem when learning the guitar. Keep playing the barre chord and you will get it. If you are using a steel string folk guitar, it will help you to season your fingers faster. After that, you will find that playing barre chord on any other type of guitar is a breeze.
Thanks guys...

I will keep working...

Its just like 2 weeks have passed but I still cannot play the F-chord well...
Btw, as I am dead determined to master Guitar, if I hav prob, u guys don't mind me posting regularly here for help?
Maybe not master...

cause I will forever be the slave to the Guitar... but slave also got grade right? I gonna strive for the Best grade man!
barre chords...barre chords..was quite difficult to learn, sure, no pain, no gain, esp. for ppl with smaller hands, eg. my friends...for me, got bigger hands, so it was quite ok after a while...sounded a bit funny at first, but i never gave up. and i believe, so did most of the bros (n sis) here. yupz. keep trying! =)
Barred chords ....there's only one way to master them and that is through...Persistence...Practice and more practice...hahah..or u can try playing ur fav songs using just barred chords..that will make the practice a little bit more bearable and fun...hahah.... Keep on Rockin dude!! And all the BEst!!
Actually F isn't so difficult as B.

I remember learning to do F which was hard enough but B - wow - with 2 bars at the same time - 1st finger across 5 strings, then pinkie or third covering 3 making sure you can arch to let the top E-String ring out. That hurt man and I remember considering quitting if I could never do that. Well, I can now - in fact I can play a bar B chord with 1st and 2nd fingers only. 8)
I didnt like the F chord either....but with practice and peserverance, you can barre it down in no time...

I have this funny habit, even now, to practice barre chords. I would press my index finger on the table top. Then i would try to "pry" my finger from the table, pretending that the tabletop was the fretboard. Weird huh. :roll:

Just keep doing the F chord. Sometime later, you'll notice that the skin on your index hardens a bit, and you'll be able to hear some strings being hit. For me, i can bar it down completely, no muted strings.

Keep practising, and you'll be able to hear the sweet sweet sound of F.

Cheers :)