Difference between korean & china Epi Les Paul


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i was wondering if anyone out there knows how to see the difference between korean and china LP, i mean the serial number or .....
simply put, there's a 'MADE IN ...' label behind the headstock of each guitar. do refer to that area. currently, the bolt-on models are Chinese, set neck ones are Korean.
Quality wise? Same?

Got alot of comments from friends, china lousier than korean made ones.
Actually there are set necks Epiphone Les Pauls that are also made in China. In fact, the latter batches are mostly made in China at Epiphone's plant in China.

Here are what the letters in front of the serial number means. More explanation of th serial number can be found at the FAQ section of www.epifriends.net

S = Samick, Korea
I = Saein, Korea
F = Fine Guitars, Korea
U = Unsung, Korea
SJ = Sae Jung, China (though we came across some SJ serial numbers on guitars that carried a sticker made in Korea)
BW = China
DW = China
DC = China
Quality wise, there doesn't seemed to be much difference. Some of the older Korean models tend to be heavier than the China made ones. Other than the fact that all China made models have Grover tuners, there are no other significant differences. In fact, I think the quality is improving as the Epiphone China plant (it's actually named Gibson) gets more experience in producing the Epiphone guitars.
ah, finally some enlightenment. been some time since i checked those Epis... distracted by other stuff.

+1 to the Chinese construction
even the Chinese Ibanez guitars showed tremendous improvements in construction, fit & finish. our dissent for far-eastern production should end...