Difference between an RG270DX and an RG370DX


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guys I was just wondering
What is the difference between an Ibanez RG270DX and an RG370DX?
Heard that the 270 has an ILT1 bridge or something and the 370 has an edgeII or edgeIII. Is this true?
what I am trying to get at is that dealers can pass off an RG270DX for an RG370DX.
Firstly, the 270 and 370 look alike.
Secondly, the bridge model aint mentioned on the top so a newbie can never find out the difference.

Now can someone tell me an easy way of differentiating both these guitars.
RG270 is discontinued.

RG350/ 370 have the Infinity pickups WEF 2005, EdgeIII vibrato. if you have to, go to Ibanez.com & print the pics, bring it along when you shop for gear 8)
i mean dealers might have a few RG270's that may might want to dispose off.

also, where on the guitar are the serial numbers mentioned. Is it possible to determine the model of the guitar through the serial number.