DI Box?


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hello everyone

i would like to know wat is a DI box? wat r its function? what isit used for?
thanks to all
hmm..i think theres 1 DI box in my school recording studio..its use for recording purpose i guess..never try it out ;) hope that helps
OK someone correct me if i'm wrong. A D.I. box is used to convert your guitar's high-impedance output to a low-impedance one so that you can plug it into mixers and PA systems right?

Hence, besides for recording purposes, a D.I. box is also used to connect your guitar to the P.A. system at gigs, so you can use the in-house speakers.

I might be wrong.
Wellz, I had use a DI box before.

For usage of DI Box, I would advise that you connect it with your amps line-out jack or preamp out.

The sound will be closest to what you can hear from your speakers as compared to plugging your guitar in direct into the DI and linking it to your amp.

Of coz, the purist will still prefer the good ol SM57 for recording or miking purposes.

The DI box is good if you have an multi-effect with amp stimulation.
Use it with the line-out option so that it sounds better


D.I box just converts an unbalanced 1/4' signal from your guitar into a balanced signal XLR output, hence the ground/lift switch.
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Prataz said:
The DI box is good if you have an multi-effect with amp stimulation.


That sounds like a pretty interesting multi-fx pedal :twisted:

haha k so my england ain't that good... I wonder if they have the spelling check function for forums.. but then it will not be half as fun =)

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