Dhalif - This Love (maroon 5 cover)

IMHO. The gain in the riff is too high for the tune, dont really fit in to the funky nature of it, slight overdrive will be better. And the solo, although it give the track a different feel, but i find that its rather 80s sounding.
Overall, it sound rather dated. Just my .2cents
just whack la lol..

midniight : fender strat --> boss ds-1 --> computer soundcard

recording in n-track
lol whack is the way to go paul lol BODELLIA FIGHTERS UNITE!

Vai : it was soo bad it gave u chills eh? hehe ill try better next time..
DAMN man that was good! the solo...WHOOOO! where's the vocals though!? wanna hear your beee-yooo-tiful voice! hahha. great job keep it up!
hifi : first wave of solos from C aeolian and some mixolydian.. 2nd wave of solos from Eb ionion and also some mixolydian lines..

and i can't sing huhurhur