Devildriver... anyone?


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Not sure if how many of you guys have heard of this band... a band fronted by ex-Coal Chamber Dez Fafara.

Not exactly a fan of Coal Chamber myself... but somehow stumbled upon Devildriver's 2nd album "The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand" at HMV and decided to give it a try and was actually quite impressed. Music-wise they're nothing like Coal Chamber... but more towards the style of Shadows Fall and Testament ("Demonic" & "The Gathering" era). And the music are darn good too.

Give the CD a try if you get a chance.
Devildriver is awesome, pick up their first one! Loads of awesome tracks on that one. Not sure about likening them to Shadow's Fall or Testament, but pretty angsty music. "I could care less" is an awesome track. If you liked Devildriver, check out Chimaira. "The Impossibility of Reason" is a fantastic album!

"I could care less then for your grandiosity...." :twisted:
nocturnaldekadence said:
Devildriver is awesome, pick up their first one! Loads of awesome tracks on that one.

I couldn't find the 1st album... been looking around but no luck. Any idea where I can find it?
I used to listen to Devildriver and Coal Chamber a couple of years back, before my focus shifted to classic Rock. They thrived in the nu-metal era, but were ridiculously noisy (at least for Devildriver) and were absolutely non-music.

But comparing the two, Coal Chamber > Devildriver, anytime.
Hmm for Devildriver's new album so far I've only heard 1 song from it and already gone through every song from the previous album. Don't know if I should make a comparison, but Devildriver somehow hasn't really progressed much from their last album. Yeah they got some heavy riffs but sometimes it tends to get repetitive at times. :? But overall I think its good for people who are into angst types of music to release their tensions here and there. :?
Iron Maiden is good. Heh don't know for how long those guys wanna keep doing what they do best. Eventually they'll get tired of it...again. :lol: Nonetheless they are probably the most mentioned name for any metalhead around the world.

But you guys do know they got pelted with eggs while performing at Ozzfest right?
Not really. Judas Priest too.

Iron Maiden faltered badly after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. It's quite a well-known fact, though they returned with Brave New World.
Yeah! Devildriver rock! I heard few of their songs from "The Fury of the Maker's Hand" and bought the album straight! Really great songs, although I notice lotsa of their songs don't have guitar solos, except for one song, "Pale Horse Apocalypse".

So what genre are they anyway? Think it's metal, but don't know the actually sub-genre.
GrayAkira said:
Think it's metal, but don't know the actually sub-genre.

Hehe... to me they sound metal enough. Definitely more metal than Coal Chamber, IMO. I guess all the time Dez spent with Phil Anselmo must had somehow influenced the change in his musical approach.