Demo?Album?Labels? what is the diff?

demo is something you record unprofessionally.

album is a list of songs you record, compile, package and sell professionally.

label, well there are two types of labels.

one type of label controls your whole musical direction altogether, and pays for you to record, etc.

the other type just helps you distribute your album into stores.
Demo is just a guide of songs or anything that you want others to feel how it goes.

Album is a compilation of many tracks be it all demo or professionally recorded songs.

Label is the company that represent you in one form or another.
EP = Extended Play
usually refers to singles or mini-albums not more than 5 songs.

LP = Long Play
usually refers to albums consisting of 10 or more songs.

in the old days EPs and LPs were used ALOT in describing records.

EPs were the small ones (singles), around 15cm diameter, i have a Beatles She Loves You/I Want to Hold Your Hand single
LPs were the horrendously large ones...about 30cm diameter, i have one of the Beatles A Hard Day's Night LP.

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