custom stickers


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hi all,

do u guys know where to make custom stickers? like i have a design but want it in sticker form? any shops u know of?

Well, I dunno any but maybe try buying the sticker sheet and printing on those yourself. Cheaper than buying. If you still want to make somewhere maybe try those places where they make custom designs on shirts (there's one at holland village I think).
Any printing house will do it, but not one offs. Usually you will have to do a run of a couple of hundred, if not a thousand to make it economical of scale. This can cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Alternatively, some printers I think, can take sticker sheets on which you can print colour output such as bitmaps/jpgs etc. This will obviously be cheaper if you have such a printer.
hi you can try IMM 3rd story. The shop name is city arts. they do alot of diferent types of stickers. Good service too.
haix, i've been to challenger, PK computer and the whole of sim lim. i can't find
any self-adhesive paper that i can use to print using my HP printer.

regarding those shops that u guys are talking bout, i think they only offer these services to bulk printing?