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Hi, I recalled a few post with info on some places in Thailand or Indonesia doing custom made guitars. Anyone still has the links to the website? Thanks!
this is prasit from NNG guitars -

the website is super uninformative plus dodgy, but i've seen a few pieces of his work in real life and i must say his workmanship is stellar. seen some PRS copies, haven't tried them yet though. Also saw this one where he chopped the top off a fender strat and re-capped it with a AAA tigerstripe flame maple top... think PRS santana meets fender strat. that was one really awesome touch up job, his workmanship was practically flawless. if i wanted a custom guitar made, i'd go to prasit for sure.

I think I'm in love....... :lol:

it's 950USD though...... Time to save!
btw there's this guitar in bras basah..Guitar Workshop..they do their own line of guitars too..but no idea where or how they get the body parts neck etc...only know its custom guitars...juz like guitar connection which sell those body n neck etc..but guitar connection dun do custom guitar for sale..they mainly do specialy for customer rite..
personal preference lar guys..haha he already set his eyes on the hearts...i am sure he will have no regret since he really like it..hehe
huh what yellow hearts? I wasn't going to get any yellow hearts guitar lol (I wouldn't be seen dead with that one)

I'm a fan of guitars with normal colors, occassional weird shapes are okay, but weird color schemes are not my cup of tea :lol:
hahahaha damn...ahha i juz realize i reply to wrong thread..haha its suppose to be in the burny hide in yamaha thread..damn..haha sorry guys...i was laughing my hearts out when i read this man...
OK for an NNG PRS copy, expect to shell out at least SGD$2.5K... but thats a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay for a PRS private stock... which is the only PRS he can fully copy since he can't reproduce the PRS logo... but he can reproduce the PRS private stock headstock bird.

NNG is located in Bangkok, i'm told that the place is just slightly outside the city. never been there before though, but i might just check out the place when i next go up to bangkok. contact details are on the first page, just scroll down. this guy is ok with email, apparently.
mero:sorry...misunderstanding...i mean..if compared to the yellow heart,I wud rather get tt 1...hehe...
i was at the yellow hearts thread b4 coming to this gav my opinion based on the yellow heart lah...haha...
but hide DOES look gd with the yellow heart huh?
Email Prasit and converse from there.

I was his 1st overseas client and had a Tele built for me as well as a redone Strat body. He surprised me by accomodating all my quirks and requirements.

For the price I paid (cant remember exact figure), it was much cheaper than importing a new one from the States.

Having said that, I'd acknowledge that you also get ur monies worth with a guitar from a number of US builders like Suhr, Tyler and Anderson. How far they are willing (able) to accomodate ur quirks/requirements is separate issue.

Hope this helps. Peace.
you want to get neck and parts...

go china.... loads of it..!! cheap too.

i guess a lot of workshop worldwide is getting there.

damned cheap( of cos you have to buy in bulk)