Curious... Neopets?

haha... over here....
was, ONCE... i still haf the account though. checked it once in a while.
the neopets can never die. dats stoopid.
i used to play neopets in p4-p6! hahahahah never checked back since then. gave my account to my friend! ><

it was an entertaining game, but got boring after a while.
i played from pri 6 to sec 1...that was in 2000-2001 lor. now like a lot of things changed already, cos i see my younger bros play.
i used to play it (shrug), back in '99.

now i'm like, hey, mid twenties, don't wana think of what to say if someone sees me neopet.
I used to play too. Think it's really stupid that the neopet can be dying but not actually die. then you have way too many neopets. ah well. I guess if neopets can die then you have too many sad little kids crying cos their pet died.
i did... in fact used to earn big neobucks in the stock market ... hahaa... played neopets just for the games.. occassionally quite interesting to play to get away from the sianness of yahoo games....
LOL the 1st top pet in neopian now.. has stats like..

1.8k str.

1.8k def.

1.8k agility.

nuts sial. lol

but its quite fun to kill time i suppose. lol

so no neopet-ers NOW? :( all ex-neopeters man. sigh
I only remember Meerca Chase! =D And that kung-fu-like school where you bring your pet to level up. Whatever it's called. Lol.
My pet's name was Travis Sandbourne! HAHA so cool right! no need all the stupid numbers behind cuz it's soooo unique. =) whatever.

eh i played in pri school too. now the pets all look so different and advanced. =\
Now my p sch buddies who r left in their own realm r trying to contact me to ask how to hack into neopet. I say no to adultery.
I tried logging into my old account yesterday, coz my sister plays it now. I had so many fairies and rare items and sooo much money. I was addicted to it about 4 years ago, then the phase died out.

the games were fun, except I had dialup then so it lagged badly.