Crush M1 Kick Pedal


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Selling Brand New Crush M1 pedals with hardcase for $190. Also comes with a direct drive mechanism for you to swap from chain drive, if you would prefer a more direct and sensitive pedal feel.

Also has the option to switch to a Longboard with just 2 screws, for more power & leverage, and also to facilitate heel/toe technique.

Selling it only because the direct drive cannot fit my 16' kick drum!

One of the most well-build, versatile and smoothest pedals in the market. Sms me @ 97228855 if you're keen, cheers!

• Machined Aluminum Footboards
• Pressed Brass Heel Plate Bearings
• Adjustable Cam
• Independently Adjustable Footboard
• Double Smooth Glide Chain
• Direct Drive Adapter Included
• Pedal Tool Included
• Modular Design Allows Conversion of Single to Double Pedals
• Dual Surface Beater
• Heavy Duty Coating
• Comes with Hardcase


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