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Dear Friends :)

Hello, how are you? I hope all is well :) First of all, I would like to state that this is not spam but more of an update of the happenings of my band, Crossing Boundaries.

We've been around for about two to three years now gigging here and there under many events and happenings and all has been fun and stuff :) However, in the past week we have sort of stumbled upon numerous bigger opportunities which require not just our commitment, but the commitment of fans, friends and family to succeed, hence, this email.

We are currently in the planning and implementation stages of a greater journey, but to do so, we will need your help. Firstly, we need to overcome two hurdles with triumph:- Opening4Incubus & TraxxFM Upstage Charts.

For the Opening4Incubus hurdle, do check out our video by clicking here and if you dig it, please remember to vote, because our future is in your hands and all help is greatly appreciated :)

As for the TraxxFM Upstage Charts, it's on every Tuesday, 10pm to 11pm on TraxxFM (GMT + 8.00). You can catch is online by clicking here. The link also includes all the FM channels it is on in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, text "VOTE crossing" to 32776 to vote, but only if you dig it :)

Besides these great opportunities, we're also in the process of finalizing our debut album. Our single is already up for sale online. You may purchase it by clicking here and heading to the Songs section. Or you may request a free promotional copy by replying this email :)

Also, this will be most probably one out of two to three emails that I will send out to all the people whom I know as I understand spamming can get annoying, hence, if you want to be kept in the loop, head over to our ReverbNation site by clicking here and join the mailing list, or just reply this email indicating you wish to do so :) And if you're really up for it, share us with your friends and family :)

That will be all for now. Thank you for your time :) Hope to hear from you soon. And do remember to like the Facebook band page :) @

Join the Revolution.

Shaneil Devaser
Band Manager
Crossing Boundaries