Cover Band - ready to welcome a Vocalist


New member
We are an established band playing top 40s covers and are looking for you IF you are a vocalist with ideally some level of experience and with a higher voice range if possible (male or female doesn’t matter). You would be the 2nd lead vocalist alongside myself and we would arrange the songs according to the individual voices including Harmonies.
We look for somebody who is passionate about music, happy to play gigs and join a bunch of like-minded and committed music souls.

We have our own home studio with all the necessary gears including multi-track recording equipment.
We try to practice every Sunday between 4-6:30 PM. So this is the ideal timeslot you should fit into.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested to join for a session, please message Lara on WhatsApp for further details - 93953014.

Attached are some videos that we have posted on YouTube.