Courses to make a Guitar from scratch??


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Does anyone know about any such courses in singapore where you can make a
guitar from scratch? I am interested in making either a classical or an acoustic. Anyone with info can please let me know details and of course most importantly the price? Its kinda urgent. Suddenly have some free time and want to make the most of it. Thanks
haha ok... i'm kinda looking to see if there are any in singpapore . No offense, but telling me that there are such courses overseas doesn't really help. =P If you do hear about any in singapore please let me know. Thanks
Yeah will do, I don't think there will be any because very few people in SG would want to craft their own guitars. Good luck finding a course.
u can go to guitar workshop they make their own accoustics there u can ask em to teach u i guess juz pay them right hehe