Cort Katana CUSTOM (Superb & Great value Korean Superstrat!)


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Cort KX-Custom Made in Korea edition. Newer versions are Made in Indonesia, so grab this MIK piece while you can. 24 frets, set neck which looks and feels like neck-thru, fixed bridge, locking tuners. Very playable, truly a player's guitar. A guitar for the thinking and melodic player with feel, technique and appreciation for good tone. Heavy in terms of weight and tone. Very resonant with exceptional sustain. Very classy and sexy guitar. Guitar itself is near mint, well maintained, good, clean and glossy, just that pickups are rusty. Rosewood is good quality dark and healthy, maple and mahogany are of good quality, basically all the wood and materials used on this are high quality, frets are shiny with virtually no wear.

Installed with 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers with coil tap for single coil sounds. The maple cap is VERY THICK.

A good bargain at the now reduced price of $550, cost $1000 +/- for a new one. You won't find another guitar with such quality, craftsmanship and specs at this low price. Compare the price vs similar spec'ed Schecters and you know you are getting a good deal.

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Does it goes with the case? Tnx

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If got case or bag, won't be so cheap already.

Price is non-negotiable and only serious buyers need to enquire.