CORT guitars


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Anyone got any reviews on Cort guitars?? Saw in Sweelee website tt they r selling the Cort MGM Matt Murphy model. Went to harmony Central n read the reviews and it received so many many gd reviews abt it. Very tempted to get one if it's really tt gd.
I've got a CortG250 and i love it. Its much better than the entry level samick and squires. Good construction, wilkinson trems, mightymite pickups, roller nut. A real value mid entry guitar.

Its just a pity that their branding is not as established as other mid-range entry label.
my fren bot the X-6 but he unlucky got 1 with a twisted neck...cant do anything about it...

the X-2 is not's $300

i heard swee lee end of yr got 50% off right?
if like tt,X-2 will cost a mere $150...v. v. gd deal...
I owned an X-2. And unfortunately it's terrible. The sound dead in several frets, and the high E string is very close to the edge, so many times it slipped off when I played it.

If those problem doesn't plague other X-2, I have to agree that it's quite nice guitar. Fast neck, 24 frets and tremolo for $300 and below, is a bliss...
Personally, I find the X series a good buy. Before you buy, check that the frets are properly seated. No gap for you to put a thin blade btw the fret and fingerboard.
I got an M700 and it rocks totally.. sounds exactly like a Prs when compared. almost looks like one.. good hardware.. and good workmanship for its price! It's a killer. still happy with it..