Compressors recomendation

There's the modded CS3... 8)

The VS Route 66 has a compressor built in...

There's also the Keeley compressor but i think it's kinda a different animal to say, Boss CS3.
Get the CS3 modded to a Dynacomp/Ross with treble boost
by Randolf ... ~!
Retains ur tone ...
One of the most important modds ~!
especially since the stock version sounds very ... "dead"
The way I see it there are 2 types of compressor, there is the Stompbox which is about 10db max, cheap and good for messing with. Or there is the rack comp. Basically if you are looking for a higher quality compressor than the CS-2 try the dynacomp, if still you need more you need to look at a rack comp, in which case I suggest the dbx 1066 Dual Compressor Limiter Gate, it is a good comp to start your search.
hullabalooeeks said:

Yup, the barber compressor is one of the most transparent compressor in the market. If you pop by to the many of the US forums, it seems to garner more reviews and thumbs up than the Keeley. Keeley will colour your tone, though in a beautiful way.
I'm a Keeley compressor user.

Ultimately, I find the difference is mostly in the preference on whether/how much the high frequencies are filtered off.

The Keeley filters the high end to some degree and for my purposes, it works great when I use it to add sparkle yet tame the hign-end when playing chordal stuff on Fender amps.

To others, especially country players, this filtering is unacceptable.

As in all subjective matters, YMMV.