Cheap tube amp?

well, as cheap as possible. i was thinking about the hybrid vox ad15vt. has anyone tried it? how about the laney lc15r.
some one is selling it on luther now.. GRAB IT!!!
lc15r is a nice 15 watt all tube amp. if in proper working condition , it should be a very very decent home combo amp.
Buyers keep note. A LC15R if is above 3yrs of age could require some servicing, else is quite fustrating to use. I can do that.

I didn't see the ad you mentioned, chanmin??
Think that's one of the only few low wattage cheaper tube amps. Others like Fender Pro Junior and Blues Junior are so ridiculously over-priced here.

If you want hybrids, then gotta try the Marshall AVT 20 or so.
Peavey Classic, if you can find one used, is pretty good. Reliable and good sound, just make sure you have a set of good tubes to go along..