Carvin amps


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Anyone knows if theres a supplier here? Anyone bringing them in?

The price seems reasonable, and i believe they are one hell of an amp.
WOOHOO, any idea what much???

Im waiting for the new 3 channel one. 1, CLean 2, Hotroded Legacy 3, More gain than MEsa... Previewed in NAMM 05.

Or else its gonna be a legacy for me... Hope they have the cab as well, read that its well build n comes with celection. Reasonable priced too. I heard it cant do metal. For that have to try the MTS

New Marshalls dont really interest me, the old ones r too rare to get n too over priced. Tried a Mesa, found it hard to get a gd tone at jamming level. Diezel r a dream, but only can own it in a dream.

Laney prices went up...

I tot Carvin r gd too, n relatively cheap online... But cant order direct... Shit

Boutique pedals r just too overpriced, n they r emulating the amps. SO i tot why not just get the amp instead n save my $ n search for THE pedal
Weiht the legacy i think shld be ard contact Ranking for the correct pricing..

i bought a TS100 poweramp frm Ranking back in April and its abt 1000.
i kinda use it with my podxt bean or rocktron preamp...

btw if the amp that ur looking for is not here yet, u can preorder, but it takes abt 3 mths to arrive...u just need to deposit some money, while waiting for it to arrive you can save for the coming 3 mths..

getting a poweramp/ preamp works for me as the amp head is just heavy/bulky ..mobility is an issue ..although the tone is just sweet :)

i like the Laneys tone, i kinda agree its jack up nowadays ..sigh!
u might wanna check out curious wat kinda tone u looking for ?since u mention dream would be engl or bogner... :D
oh ...the cabs that u choose are important too...!!!
Sorry man but i do not know the retail prices. All I can say is that it ain't gonna be cheap cause its tubed.Hope u get what u want
Sorry for hijacking but i need to ask a small question: Any dealers here bringing in Soldano Amps?
penguin said:
i like the Laneys tone, i kinda agree its jack up nowadays ..sigh!
u might wanna check out curious wat kinda tone u looking for ?since u mention dream would be engl or bogner... :D
oh ...the cabs that u choose are important too...!!!

Dude the brit pounds are too high now... So think the laney cost more... If i can get my hands on a AOR, which really is a hot rodded jcm 800 thats way cheaper.

Im looking for versatility. Nice cleans, more vintage brit style dirt. Mesa i heard r a one trick pony. N really have to crank it real loud to get a gd tone. Marshall JCM 2000 has bad clean channel.

I have a bassman 135 (NOt a real bassman i know), which is really clean and needs a pedal for overdrive(It doesnt breakup!!!). For that im using a expandora 2. Setting lower preamp vol, n crank the main vol for power tube saturation.

Was looking ard lately, and realised that the legacy is affordable. Also i like the clean and the reverb i hear on Vai's sound. I read the dirty channel needs some tweaking n exploration to find the sweet spot.

It cant do metal i heard, but i rather get one that has a gd clean, hotrodded JCM 800 dirt (thats wat i seem to gather). FOr metal, i can depend on a pedal. N of course i dont expect to sound like Vai by buying his amp.

I sold on diezels after watching their video demos. N talk abt the midi capability. BUt its like close to S$9k just for the head, without frieght included.

Yup, cabs r very important. A gd tone is not only the amp, the build n speakers of the cab r just as impt imo. Gd overdrive is not only in the tubes, but also the way the speaker breakup.

Surprisingly, the behringer cab i have sound superb for the price. sweet on clean, and warm on the OD. Just a little weak on the drop D lows. but its only S$369, and i got it cuz it the only one with 4 ohm readily available. Just needs to break in.

I mean boutique OD pedals can cost up to $400-$500, and u need another one to boost it. N the sound differ with dif amps. I dig my expandora with my bassman (Can get a marshall crunch), but played it thro a solid state kustom once and i wldnt even pay $10 for it.

So i decided to get an amp n be happy.
cool sounds like you know your amps...

another alternative to the diezels would be ENGL amps..less of a killer on the wallet. i would die for a Powerball head, its going for USD$1839.

theres's also the 530 preamp,4 channels and 2 12AX7s for only US$479. that's probably going to be my next amp purchase,but i hear the lead channel doesnt really approach the saturation of the powerball though. there's no MIDI/programmabilty as well but its not really a big problem.

the 570SE preamp has MIDI,higher gain and more features but its a huge jump in price at US$1679 (!)

GAS. sigh

i've been wondering about the behringer cabs..they're the cheapest around. care to give a more in depth review of it? i'm looking to pick up another cab to run my old school all tube peavey ultra 112 combo into..the stock 12" speaker isnt cutting it at all. extremely harsh.
charlestheguitarist said:
wow..u have an expandora? the tone with it..?

Its really cool. I have the expandora 2, and recently got the expandora RI. Both r similar yet build with a slightly different take (like a Vintage Rat and a Rat2, its still pretty much a Rat sound). Yes, u can get Billy Gibbons on this. BUT this is pretty much a love/hate pedal. Many love it, and some also hate it(Maybe they were hoping for a TS type pedal). The thing is the pedal has alot of clarity even when dirty. N works nicely for a boost as well. Has 4 modes, and i love that crazy fuzz thing!!!

The behringer cabs r definitely worth it... But u got to let the speakers break in. Its modelled after the V30, but i've never heard the V30 to comment on it. A little lacking on the super lows, but its sounds good when clean. Build very solid as well, doesnt buzz when cranked.

Oh Carvin heads dont cost a bomb. They r pretty cheap compared to their competitiors. They r quality amps, and have v gd cabs as well. LOOK OUT FOR THE LATEST V3!!! its Carvin's answer to Mesa n Diezel!!! Heard it was built with a Bogner in mind... N it cost only US$899, now compare that to the Mesa n what have u... CHEAP